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Hello World!

As you can see, this website is currently under construction. It will be available soon, I promise... For now, you can either read this page again, or come back from where you came. There's nothing more in here for now. Well, it seems that you're still reading what I'm writing although I told you that there is nothing more! What do you expect? ... Oh dear, okay. If you want to continue reading, it's up to you. But it's really not interesting at all!!

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...

I am going to tell you everything that I have in my mind right now : Burger King, Mc Donald, Tavuk Durum, Starbucks... Okay, I think I'm hungry. I might go eat something when I'll be done writing this. And I still don't understant why you keep reading, but anyway... Well, I don't really know what to say here. By the way, if you have any question, comment, or anything about what you're reading right now, please keep it for you : I don't care at all. In fact, there will be a 'contact' page in this website, but I don't know why.. I don't need it, nobody needs it, it's silly! Off with her head!

And...... you are still reading --'. Why? Just tell me why you read this?! Aw.. yep, if you remember what I just said, I don't care. So just shut up and don't tell ;e why you keep reading all that. Do you really think something interesting will pop out of this dumb text?
Alright, here is something really interesting. See, it's great to keep reading dumb stuff! Here is my secret... My very onw precious secret... Please don't tell anyone what it is! My secret is that I believe in 42. I'm not even kidding! I really do :p

Okay, I'm gonna stop here. Thanks for reading everything!